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Mars and Moi

Diamond nipples kitsch earrings

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$40.00 CAD

Earrings depicting a cat woman with turquoise hair. Between her breasts hang a heavenly ivory-colored chili pepper with several organically arranged faux diamonds.

The inspiration for these earrings was in the intention of creating slightly exaggerated girly pieces that will enhance what we wear effortlessly, or better yet, make us want to wear those clothes that make us so vibrate.

✿ Approximately 1.5 inches in width (the widest part) x 3.5 in length
✿ Polymer paste (light for their size)
✿ A mix of faux diamonds and Swarovski
✿ Hand-painted
✿ All slightly different


Martian weirdo meets witch next door                     

Our Mission

Mars and Moi aims to be more than just a lifestyle shop for unique women who find their happy place in kitschy stuff. Moreover, we are focused on pouring creative energies into creating an all-around awesome universe of items that tell a story, the story of femininity and desire for playfulness.


The creator

Emie is a visual artist and business owner from based in Montreal, Canada. Her love for color and exploration has lead her to open a wall art shop. Her story with drawing began as a child where she'd be inspired by fashion magazines and TV shows with a whimsical or fantastic aspect. Her mom also contributed in growing her creative world by telling tales of warewolves and Voodoo priests from her native country, Haiti.

''Something I love about art is, there is no right or wrong answer. It's always a matter of perception. If you connect with this feminine world of Mars and Moi, it might be because of how the women protrayed seem very shameless, maybe it's because of the uplifting colors, or maybe just because of the story in the composition''.