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8 x 10 printed custom illustration, to offer as a personalized gift for your loved ones. It will be uniquely illustrated in the same style you find throughout my shop. To give you an example, you can refer to the illustrations shown above in the photos. They are all the result of illustrations inspired by the dreams of former clients. One of them is the dream of flying over a field of flowers. The other is the dream of two female entrepreneurs who want to be successful in business. The last one is rather a subconscious dream of a person paralyzed in front of her house on fire.

***TO ORDER***
Send an email to, provide me the more information about the illustration.

I will begin by gathering all the information and seek inspiration. I will create a preliminary draft, which is, a quick sketch on my idea.
I will show you the sketch and you are free to make any desired changes.
I will modify the sketch to get closer to what you want and send you the corrections.
Once the modification steps have been approved, I will take you to the finalization step with the colors. I will ask you if there are any colors you would like to see and I will proceed with the creation.
I will email you the final result. Note that the colors on the screen and in physical will vary slightly due to the brightness and your settings.

Due to lockdown, there will be no printing until February. 
The process should take about a week after payment, unless there is a custom order queue. I advise you to contact me before ordering if you want an order created the same week, and I will let you know in advance if I have too many custom orders or if it is possible to start the order immediately.
Delivery may take 5-10 business days to Canada, 5-14 business days to the United States, and 10-20 business days to international. This is only an estimate given the current context this year and the approaching holiday season, and unfortunately I have no control over the delivery time.
Keep in mind that this is a co-creation job. I will do my best to meet your requirements, but the more changes there are, the longer the shipping time will be.

*** Other details ***
Maximum of 3 characters (including animals)
I work best with a general idea so feel free to give me some directions and I'll see if I can build from that. If I am missing any information, I will send you an email.
Frames are not provided
These smooth, matte white prints are made from premium Epson matte giclee paper. They will be sent flat in rigid envelopes (8 x 10 and 16 x 20).

Please feel free to ask me questions if necessary before purchasing.

Thank you in advance for supporting an independent artist.

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