Product measurements

Measurements are provided by suppliers. Product measurements may vary by up to 2" (5 cm).

Pro tip! Measure one of your products at home and compare with the measurements you see in this guide.


A Length

Place the end of a measuring tape beside the collar at the top of the tee (high point shoulder). Pull the tape to the bottom of the shirt.

B Width

Place the end of a measuring tape at one side of the chest area and pull the tape across to the other side of the product.

C Sleeve length

Place the end of a measuring tape at the center back of the collar, then pull the tape along the top seam of the sleeve. When you get to the shoulder hold the tape in place at the shoulder and continue to pull down the sleeve until you reach the hem of the sleeve.

***Based on customers comments, if you are 5'4-5'6, 125-130 lbs and would like to wear an oversized sweater, pick a large. A medium will be slightly loose and small will fit perfectly. Other references will be added in the future for more diversity as soon as we get their feedback. Thank you for your undersanding.***